Graham Colton

Graham Colton is an Oklahoma City based alt-rocker whose psychedelic-indie tunes are a grand evolution from his solo work. Starting over as a songwriter, Colton focused on finding a particular sound for each track before forming the whole thing. Immersing himself in the city’s scene for the first time, Graham sought council from OKC artists like the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne and fellow studio friends Chad Copelin and Jarod Evans.

With a powerful team behind him, Graham has transcended the success of his earlier material. Straying from autobiography in favor of a more interpretative lyrical style, he catered to an audience who endeavor to dissect and pull meaning from the text. Between abounding hooks and grand choruses, “Lonely Ones” remains as dense and honest as Graham Colton has ever been.

Session Tracklisting
1. Hands Untied
2. Funeral
3. Arms
4. Another Night
5. Born to Raise Hell

Oklahoma City, OK

Band Members
Graham Colton – Vocals and Guitar
Chase Kerby – Guitar and Keys
Cale Chronister – Keys
Brine Webb – Bass
Dustin Paige – Drums

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