From Indian Lakes (Session #2)

From Indian Lakes’ sophomore release, Absent Sounds, is a groove-driven indie rock record. It shows Joey Vannucci’s strongest vocal work; his delicate croon shifting from falsetto to diaphragm-stretching melodies. The rhythm section pulses as the heart of each track, varying their pace and dynamic. Absent Sounds has a tone of impermanence; a mature understanding that all things end. Vannucci covers death in a serious voice, but not with aim to glorify. Instead, he investigates balance and blame amidst inevitable loss.

Session Tracklist
1. Breathe, Desperately
2. Sleeping Limbs
3. Ghost
4. Am I Alive
5. Runner
6. Fog

Band Members

Joey Vannucci – Vocals and Guitar
Justin Stanphill – Guitar and Vocals
Chris Kellogg – Bass and Vocals
Rick Gutierrez – Keys and Vocals
Tohm Ifergan – Drums

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