Child Bite

Child Bite is a theatrical, artistic thrash metal band who have taken many forms under the direction of founder and frontman Shawn Knight. He remains the sole original member and leads the project’s ever-changing style and lineup.

According to a show review, their sound “consists of atonal guitar melodies, distorted bass and organ, frequent rhythmic shifts, and frenzied, howling vocals. Earlier recorded material often included additional instruments such as saxophone and violin. Their lyrical content is abstract and metaphorical, often dealing with topics such as fear, paranoia, and despair. Their sound is enormous and predatory, from the baleful rhythm section to Shawn Knight’s frightening vocals. They are self-described and acknowledged by authorities in the genre as having a “horrorshow/slasher-flick” flair, which descriptors apply to their records, their album art and their music videos.”

Session Tracklist
1. Still Fucked Up After All These Years
2. Abysmal Splatter
3. Mutilation Revival
4. Amcestral Ooze
5. Molestation of the Arts
6. Sinking in Your Skin
7. Garbage Odyssey
8. Puke for the Youth

Band Members

Jeff Kraus – Drums
Shawn Knight – Vocals
Sean Clancy- Bass – Vocals
Brandon Sczomak – Guitar
Brett Siler – Guitar

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