Frontier Ruckus (Session #2)

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

Session Tracklist
1. Sad Modernity
2. Bathroom Stall Hypnosis
3. The Splendid World
4. Moon River
5. Crabapples in the Century's Storm
6. Ontario

Frontier Ruckus is a Michigan six-piece who write personal songs about being brought up as a 90’s child. The project serves as a creative outlet for Matthew Milia’s poetic, lyrical storytelling. His twangy, quivering wail cuts a deep swath of regional imagery through references to grocery stores, middle school teachers and landmarks of his childhood region. Co-founding member, Davey Jones, plays a reserved style of banjo. He takes on the role of electric guitar through complex lead riffs.

Sitcom Afterlife, the band’s newest record, is a slight diversion into hook-centered songwriting. The dense storytelling remains, but Frontier Ruckus have found strength in melodic, pop-leaning rock.

Band Members
Matthew Milia – Guitar and Vocals
Davey Jones – Banjo and Vocals
Zachary Nichols – Trumpet, Keys, Saw
Anna Burch – Vocals and Guitar
Alex – Drums
Conor – Bass

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