Fort Frances

The past two years have been blurry. After tucking away in the hills of Maine to record their debut album with Sam Kassirer (Josh Ritter, Langhorne Slim), the three voices behind Fort Frances found themselves on-stage at festivals around the country, on- screen at Tosh.0 and on the road for tens of thousands of miles.

“Harbour” brings the band back home. Recorded in downtown Chicago, the new release echoes with the inspiration the band took from a winter next to Lake Michigan. But this was not a winter of hibernating; this was a season of exploring the band’s all- instruments-onboard playground. In the months typically marked by the nothingness
of a Midwestern winter, the band approached writing and recording with a new energy fueled by the steady
pace of the city.

From the opening pulse of “City by the Sea” to the jubilant stomp of “I Had Love”, “Harbour” is grounded in traffic jams and bus rides, towering skyscrapers and frozen sidewalks. It’s an ambitious collection of songs – – songs that are bound to make the next year just as blurry as the last.

Session Tracklist
1. How To Turn Back Again
2. Losing You
3. The Trouble
4. Please, Don't Wait Up
5. I Had Love

Chicago, IL

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RockTom Conway