Jay Nash

Jay Nash, East Coast native and rock troubadour, has been blessed with the kind of excruciatingly rustic voice so rarely heard on record.

By drawing inspiration from his own life experiences, both past and present, Nash’s inspirational and evocative lyrical imagery possesses the ability to shatter those deep-rooted inadequacies and musters a feeling of liberation and new-found confidence. There’s no sign of an agenda here – Nash’s spirited folk revival offers salvation for the masses.

There’s no bravado, no ill-placed audacity. Nash, its plain to see, is one of us – one of the good guys. A trailblazer for passion and hard graft – a man who knows no limitation.

Session Tracklist
1. Never Takes Too Long
2. Wander
3. White Whale
4. Sometimes
5. Blame It All On The Wind
6. Twist My Arm

Los Angeles, CA

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