My Gold Mask

At the crossroads of underground and over the top, zoned in and plugged out, raw and riotous, lives Chicago’s My Gold Mask. The dark pop band’s exotic gypsy spells and murderous garage rock ballads have built a unique wall of sound that some have likened to a metallic symphony—pretty impressive when you consider My Gold Mask has, until recently, been a duo.

Lead vocalist and percussionist Gretta Rochelle first met guitarist Jack Armondo at a rooftop party; their first words to each other were about music, and ever since the conversation between the two principal songwriters of MGM has stayed there, resulting in two well-received EPs in 2010: A Thousand Voices and A Million Miles (From Where We Were Last) as well a self-titled debut LP and the band’s latest, 2013’s Leave Me Midnight, all of which has Pitchfork calling them “a band to watch.”

Part of My Gold Mask’s success is that they have always been a band of versatility. When they needed percussion, Rochelle taught herself how to play drums; when they wanted to fill out the textured nuances of their sound, they commissioned drummer James Andrew (now a fully-fledged member of the band); and wanting to explore further musical territory, they’ve started experimenting with electronic flourishes that will turn listeners on their feet, ready for the warehouse dance party.


Session Tracklist
1. Some Secrets
2. Burn Like The Sun
3. In Our Babylon
4. Night Falls
5. Further It Gets

Chicago, IL

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