Dry the River

Dry the River is a rock band with folk and blues influences. They’ve been writing downtrodden, personal records since 2009 and struck gold with newest release, Alarms in the Heart. Separating themselves from the minutiae of East London living, the band trekked to serene Iceland to write and record the new material. Older work was acoustically driven, but Alarms in the Heart is fully electric.

Peter Liddle’s pastoral vocal delivery is comforting and personal, as if speaking about a lost loved one. Liddle’s lyrical prowess rises above the distortion; it’s as precise and cohesive as the bright, smooth guitar work. Dry the River’s riveting, gospel-like songwriting marks a refreshing evolution in alternative folk-rock.

Session Tracklist
1. Alarms in the Heart
2. Med School
3. Gethsemane
4. It Was Love That Laid Us Low
5. Rollerskate

Band Members

Peter – Vocals and Guitar
Matt – Guitar and Vocals
Scott – Bass and Vocals
Pat – Keys and Vocals
Jon – Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.