William Beckett (Session #2)

Ex Academy Is… front man William Beckett has strayed from punky roots on a new trajectory toward full-blown pop. Glimmering production and slick melodies highlight the extravagance of his new style. His joyous, smirking performance is accentuated by sly lyricism and an insatiable charm.

His electronic debut, Genuine and Counterfeit, shines brightly as a meticulously designed pop project. Its addictive melodies and boisterous choruses are balanced against William’s softer, more ballad oriented tunes. His youthful energy and cunning approach to songwriting make him a staple and a stand out in the scene.

Session Tracklist
1. Hanging on a Honeymoon
2. Benny and Joon
3. Cracks in the Ceiling
4. By Your Side
5. One in the Same
6. Caught in the Middle

Barrington, IL

Band Members
William Beckett – Vocals and Guitar
Mark Rose – Guitar
Rico Vigil – Bass
Mark Sutor – Drums

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