Josh Berwanger

Josh Berwanger and Michael Hutcherson have rejoined forces after over 10 years to produce a rock record that was made for the late 70’s. Combining vintage singer-songwriter style with charming slacker-punk creates their rambling, bouncy feel. Their rambunctious performance and goofy outlook create an infectious live set.

The band’s erratic sense of humor translates to both song names and the feeling of their debut record, “Strange Stains.” The stability of the record is evidenced in its fast, surf-influenced rock. This new, honest perspective on rock shows that The Anniversary may have been a while ago, but Josh Berwanger continues to demand listener’s attention.

Session Tracklist
1. I Can Feel the Moon
2. All Night Long
3. Cream of Some Young Guy
4. Time Traveler

Kansas City, MO

Band Members
Josh Berwanger – Vocals and Guitar
Michael Hutcherson – Drums
Zach Schoffner – Guitar and Vocals
Margo May – Percussion and Vocals
Brian Klein – Bass

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