Wild Cub

Singer-songwriter Keegan DeWitt moved from Brooklyn to Nashville five years ago. Focusing his attention solely on music, DeWitt met Jeremy Bullock and Wild Cub was born. They’re a percussion-focused rock band whose infectious dance leanings drive their layered sound.

They fuse energetic stadium pop and electronic rock to hone in their anthemic sound. Bold, clattering drums make constant noise that pushes the songs forward. Their debut record YOUTH is taking the country by storm with joyous single “Thunder Clatter” and a huge live show.

Session Tracklisting
1. Thunder Clatter
2. Hidden in the Night
3. Wild Light
5. Wishing Well
6. I Follow Rivers (Lykke Li Cover)

Nashville, TN

Band Members
Keegan DeWitt – Vocals, Guitar and Aux Percussion
Jeremy Bullock – Guitar, Keys, and Vocals
Eric Wilson – Keys and Vocals
Harry West – Bass
Dabney Morris – Drums

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