The Defibulators

The Defibulators is a country band birthed in Texas, but bred in Brooklyn. The band uses bluegrass, ballads and front porch sittin’ to create their big city twang. Bug Jennings and Erin Bru belt out rollickin’ vocals, while the band churns out riotous instrumentals. Chris “Roadblock” Hartway’s electric guitar rips skillful lead lines to open up room for fiddle and bass riffs.

Their recent release, “Debt’ll Get ‘Em” is a record full of downtrodden, but uplifting sentiment about money and loss. It’s a biting ode to the inevitability of consequences that drives their present sound. Prepare to have your opinions on country music wiped clean by the punk-fueled, foot-stomping, wail-along tunes of Brooklyn’s The Defibulators.

Session Tracklisting
1. Get Yer Papers
2. Cackalacky
3. Everybody's Got A Banjo
4. Pay For That Money
5. Rumble Strip
6. Let Me See That Ponytail Run

Brooklyn, NY

Band Members

Brian “Bug” Jennings – Vocals, Banjo, and Acoustic Guitar
Erin Bru – Vocals
Chris “Roadblock” Hartway – Electric Guitar
Bobby Hawk – Fiddle
Ian Riggs – Bass
Mike Riddleberger – Drums

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