Vinyl Theatre

Vinyl Theatre is a pop rock band. They use chip-tuney synth noise and keys to lay the foundation of their upbeat style. Keegan Calmes’ voice is huge; capable of belting out monster hooks or swooning softly over the band’s dance-happy beats. The rest of the band gives the groove and adds vocal depth to his soaring tenor.

Their official release, “Chromatic EP”, is as colorful as the name implies. It’s a record for the early morning; bright, sunny, and hot but with enough bite to earn a re-listen. After touring with national acts Twenty-One Pilots, Royal Teeth, and Quiet Company, the band has booked a spot in massive hometown festival, Summerfest.

Session Tracklist
1. Summer
2. Take Me Home
3. If You Say So
4. Rhythm of the Night
5. Breaking up My Bones

Band Members
Keegan Calmes – Vocals and Guitar
Josh Pothier – Bass and Vocals
Chris Senner – Keys and vocals
Nick Cesarz – Drums

Visit the band’s website

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.


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