The Oh Hellos

The Oh Hellos are a choral-focused, folk pop duo. The siblings began separate solo careers in different formats, uniting as a revitalized project. They tour with a shifting collective of musicians that can reach numbers in the teens. Their most recent record, “Through the Deep, Dark Valley,” is a stirring, emotionally complex compilation of songs about distrust, love, and belief. Often containing religious themes, the record references heroes of narrative like the great C.S. Lewis. The Oh Hellos are intentionally independent and produce their own records to keep content un-compromised. Rooted in Irish Folk tunes, the band takes their listeners on a lyrical journey with a boisterous soundtrack as its backdrop.

Session Tracklist
1. I Was Wrong
2. Like the Dawn
3. Wishing Well
4. Hello My Old Heart
5. Dear Wormwood
6. Eat You Alive/Lay Me Down

Band Members

Joey Chance – Accordion
Aaron English – Drums
Drew Griffith – Electric Guitar
Matt Hagerman – Viola/ Violin
Tyler Heath – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Maggie Heath – Vocals
Joshua Heinlein – Electric Guitar
Chad Jaso – Bass
Chris McLeod – Acoustic Guitar
Austin Norman – Drums
Amber Shirah – Vocals
Reagan Smith – Banjo
Zack Wiggs – Banjo

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.