Varsity is a local synth-pop outfit who dabble in punk. Stephanie Smith’s voice is in the forefront; it’s unrefined and exploratory, while her keyboard parts are the soil out from which the band’s licks are allowed to grow.

Music blogger Kyle McCarthy says about their latest release, “Varsity’s EP, Thanks for Nothing, is a unique blend of indie pop stylings explored through five tracks that range from the ambient to the atmospheric. Varsity’s relentless guitar-driven punk riffs make these songs toe-tapping tunes for kids who grew up swiping their parents Pixies’ CDs. They have the balls to rock and the good sense to throw a melody on top of the madness. If this is the direction in which rock is headed, it appears to be in capable hands.”

Session Tracklist
1. Turns Out
2. New Wave
3. Back & Forth
4. Declined
5. c. 2002
6. Downtown

Band Members

Stephanie Smith – Lead Vocals / Synth
Dylan Weschler – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Patrick Stanton – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Jake Stolz – Bass Guitar
Spencer Smith – Drums

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