Veil of Maya

Crafted by the mind of Marc Okubo, Veil of Maya is known for their heavy and intricate, guitar-laden metal. Elements of death metal with theatrical samples that transition between each live song form the full-frontal assault of savage guitar work. The consistent blast beats are an electric surge that anchors their ravaging sound. Brandon Butler’s vocals start in deep, unnerving growls and crescendo into high, sorrowful screams.

The band delivers sickening riffs, bewildering song structure and super low bass tones while sharpening a more “progressive aggressive” take on modern metal. Adored by fans across the world, Veil of Maya is a front-runner in the cult fandom of today’s ever-heavier scene.

Session Tracklist
1. Subject Zero
2. Unbreakable
3. Numerical Scheme
4. Crawl Back

Chicago, IL

Band Members

Brandon Butler – Vocals
Marc Okubo – Guitar
Dan Hauser – Bass
Sam Applebaum – Drums

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