Toy Soldiers

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

Session Tracklist
1. Heart in a Mousetrap
2. Been Here All My Days
3. Can't Go Away
4. Tell the Teller
5. Forget How It Used To Be
6. Throw Me Down

Toy Soldiers are a rowdy five-piece rock band with a modern and eclectic sound. They skillfully combine honest and sincere songwriting with well-rounded and gritty American rock, producing a sound that is original and contemporary. Ron Gallo’s vibrant vocals hone in the crisp, clean sound they produce. Heavily fueled by their youthful energy, their live performances are an all-around good time.

The band came in just after their release of “The Maybe Boys,” giving us a taste of some of their new, catchy tunes. Stories about their love of goofy hats and baseball contribute to their pleasantly witty and amusing demeanor. If you’re looking to experience a raucous act and catch a good vibe along the way, check out Toy Soldiers.

Band Members
Ron Gallo – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Dominic Billett – Drums
Matt Kelly – Guitar
Luke Leidy – Keys
Bill McCloskey – Bass

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