The Wans

The Wans are a bluesy garage punk band fronted by the playful but earnest cry of North Ireland native, Simon Kerr. They’re a tasty blend of psychedelic Brit-rock that subtly nods to Kerr’s upbringing while mixing with with sounds from their current residence, Nashville. Kerr’s voice is sensitive and personal, touching on autobiographical stories through a sardonic lens.

Their recent release, “He Said, She Said” has fittingly been described as “the background music to a bar brawl”. The Wans’ swampy debut gives glimpses of their potential in modern blues rock. It’s a rollicking set of 10 tracks that burn hot throughout, only slowing down to allow for guitar shredding and feedback. “He Said, She Said” is another example of the powerful tunes coming out of Music City, USA. Listen to the intense performance of tracks old and new here.

Session Tracklist
1. I Can't Fix You
2. Tired
3. Want You
4. Never Win
5. The Holy One

Nashville, Tennessee

Band Members
Simon Kerr – Guitar and Vocals
Thomas Bragg – Bass and Vocals
Mark Petaccia – Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.