Matthew Fowler

Matthew Fowler is a young singer songwriter who prefers slow food and coffee to go with his laid-back, intimate tunes. He’s just 20 years old, but has proven that a strong command of language breaks through the barrier of age. Fowler’s debut album, Beginning, is a dense singer-songwriter debut. On its content he writes, “This album was recorded in the middle of my family’s kitchen with close friends. Through trial, error, and patience, this effort encompasses songs written at the age of fourteen years old, to songs written just a few weeks ago at the age of nineteen. With no experience in recording or mixing, we learned as we went, spent nothing, and emerged with a set of songs we were proud of, a set of songs that felt organic, a set of songs that felt like home.” All 9 tracks are sentimental and brooding, but adorned with a youthful charm. Fowler is able to tell his personal story with alarming sincerity, giving power to the simple and interpersonal tracks.

Session Tracklist
1. Everything That I Could
2. Blankets
3. Beginners
4. Near
5. Rooftops

Orlando, Florida

Band Members
Matthew – Guitar and Vocals

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