Cory Branan

Cory Branan grew up playing heavy metal in Southaven, Mississippi and transitioned into finger-style folk in later years. This ethos infused with his visual storytelling ability and apt turn-of-phrase sets him on a pedestal far above other singer-songwriters. Branan is a guitar-first performer; his quick fingers and affinity for cranked volume make for a performance that’s fully captivating regardless of the number of bodies on stage.

He’s a seasoned folk veteran; having a dense discography that branches back to 2001. Branan is prone to long breaks between albums with the lengthiest clocking in at 6 years. His new record “No Hit Wonder” is the closest thing to a concept record Branan might ever write. Thematically it’s a record about making do with the cards life has dealt you, but willing to turn on a dime between straight forward rock, downhome country, and even accordion-led vaudeville lounge.

Branan has been respectably viewed by his peers since his debut. He’s gained committed fans in the likes of folk punk and alt-country stalwarts Chuck Ragan, Jason Isbell, Craig Finn of the Hold Steady and Brian Fallon of the Gaslight Anthem. Watch him perform tracks from the new release and a few old stand by’s.

Session Tracklist
1. Come On, Shadow
2. Sour Mash
3. Survivor Blues
4. No Hit Wonder
5. Missing You Fierce
6. Daddy Was a Skywriter

Band Members

Cory Branan – Guitar and Vocals

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