Seaway is a gritty pop-punk band who continue the styles of bands they grew up on. They’re melodic, chunky, and rough. Two vocalists share the role of frontman; Ryan adds the gravel and Patrick belts out the cleans.

Their debut record, “Hoser” is an 11-track onslaught of teenage angst, sex and house parties. Melodic breakdowns are common, making it the perfect fit for a garage or a rowdy backyard barbecue. On tour across the US with Stickup Kid gives the young quintet a chance to share their music to fans young and old. In the wake of revivals, Seaway could care less. They write and perform this catchy, riff-laden rock, showing that Oakville might just be the new New Jersey.

Session Tracklisting
1. Shy Guys
2. Too Fast For Love
3. No Direction
4. Keep Your Stick on the Ice
5. Sabrina the Teenage Bitch
6. Slowing Down

Oakville, Ontario

Band Members
Ryan Locke – Vocals
Patrick Carleton – Guitar and Vocals
Andrew Eichinger – Guitar
Adam Shoji – Bass
Ken Taylor – Drums

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