The Suffers

The Suffers are a 10-piece band who write soulful ballads driven by Kam Franklin’s soaring vocal range. The bold, playful grooves are an undercurrent for funky keyboard pads, bright brass and sultry saxaphone solos. The Suffers confess to continually learning about sitting in a pocket, and have endeavored to write songs that reflect this distinct role recognition. They craft a progression whose chords are made of individual notes provided by separate instruments. This peppers simple song structures with complex textures and keeps each track flowing and dynamic.

“Make Some Room” is the band’s first true release; a four track EP that shows what the Suffers have to offer. Their National TV debut on Letterman this year prompted the unfiltered legendary talk show host to exclaim, “If you can’t do [what the Suffers can do], then get out of the business.”

Session Tracklist
1. Make Some Room
2. Stay
3. Gwan
4. Giver

Houston, Texas

Band Members
Kam Franklin – Vocals
Mark Speer – Guitar
Nick Zamora – Drums
Kevin Bernier – Guitar
Jose Luna – Percussion
Patrick Kelly – Keyboard
Adam Castaneda – Bass
Michael Razo – Trombone
Cory Wilson – Saxophone
Jon Durbin – Trumpet

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For or friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.