Born Cages

Born Cages is an urban three-piece who write energetically smooth rock tunes. Frontman Vlad Holiday formed the band in 2011 and has continued to hone the band’s sensible alt pop sound. A grimey, fan purchased fuzz pedal gives their bouncy tracks a gnarled edge. Though conventionally structured, Born Cages are prone to carrying on instrumental breaks; giving them just enough chaos for high replay value. Matt Maroulakos’ wispy, mechanical synth tones add subtle texture to their tight jams.

Born Cages won mtvU’s Freshman competition in 2014 with new single “Rolling Down the Hill” which charted at #7 on the Alternative Rock charts. Hear that song along with others from new record “I’m Glad I’m Not Me” right here and look for its official release on June 2nd.

Session Tracklist
1. Don't Look Back
3. I Just Want the Truth, Baby
4. Perfect Harmony
5. Rolling Down the Hill

Band Members

Vlad Holiday – Guitar and Vocals
Matt Maroulakos – Bass, Keys and Vocals
Dave Tantao – Drums and Vocals

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.