PUBLIC is an energetic alt-rock band. Their name printed in all caps is meant to symbolize the band’s positive energy. On stage they’re jumping, dancing and smiling with the adrenaline rush of performing. It’s an infectious wave that pours out of the buoyant three-piece. John Vaughn’s voice is definite and steady while bass and drums grind out grooves that lean into funk territory. The band claims to have a natural inclination toward the genre; funk is what pours out of jam sessions. Rather than fight to create a different sound, PUBLIC has embraced the funk and blended it with their pop rock.

Debut release, “Let’s Remake It” is an ideal summer pop record. It’s helped them gain exposure over their relatively short career; playing festivals like CMJ and Midpoint and touring with other major pop acts Walk the Moon, Twenty-one Pilots and Neon Trees. The band takes an inclusive approach to their fanbase, inviting them to join in the journey with the slogan “you have a voice, let’s make it PUBLIC.”

Session Tracklist
1. My Love
2. Honeybee
3. Pretty Face
4. Little Raindrops
5. Make You Mine
6. Heartbeating

Cincinnati, Ohio

Band Members
John Vaughn­ – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Ben Lapps – ­Drums and Vocals
Matt Alvarado – ­Bass and Vocals

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session Vimeo.