The Pinstripes

The Pinstripes are a horn rock band from Cincinnati. Their broad fusion of reggae, ska, and punk is transposed and altered by the feel of Ohio’s “culture capital.” Mike Sarason’s charming, nonchalant vocals form the undertone for the band to ride and bounce over with fat, blaring horns and palmed guitar chimes. The band’s dance hall tunes discuss the lure of women, brotherly love, and betrayal by choice put to a foot-tapping bass and swaying beats.

Good friends write good music, and it’s clear their joyful noise is no exception. They might be virtually land-locked, but The Pinstripes prove you don’t have to be an islander to write tunes made for beaches.

Session Tracklist
1. Overthinking
2. Wake Up
3. Subatomic
4. I'll Be Waiting
5. Sweet Lovin'
6. Might Be Her Fool

Cincinatti, OH

Band Members

Sam White – Trumpet/Vocals
Mike Sarason – Vocals/Sax/Flute
Leo Murcia – Trombone/Vocals
Matt Kursmark – Guitar
Chris Grannen – Bass
John Bertke – Drums

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