The age of backwards hats, black band shirts and sunglasses has been revived through the punk Frankenstein’s monster IMPLANTS. 90’s scene stalwarts from Ten Foot Pole, Strung Out, Pulley, and the Tank unite to perform the music they love most. Throwback punk tunes about corruption, living life with less rule, and finding a way are put to relentless, uber-fast drumming and chunky guitars.

Filled with crowd sing-a-longs and anthems for the confused, “From Chaos to Order” is a debut record old in style but re-packaged for new listeners. IMPLANTS’ ears may be shot, their knees might be sore, but they’re always going to know how to make you feel 23.

Session Tracklist
1. Life Passes
2. Parallel
3. Once Was I
4. These Walls
5. Mutualism

Los Angeles, CA

Band Members
Ken Conte – Vocals
Rob Ramos – Guitar/Vocals
Jim Blowers – Guitar/Vocals
Chris Del Rio – Bass
Chris Dalley – Drums

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 For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.