Danny Malone

Danny Malone is a singer-songwriter from Austin, TX whose conflicted, trudging voice obsesses over themes of depression, loneliness, and nihilism. His distinctive croon is gritty yet friendly, touching deep to the listener’s guts. Danny’s toothy grin glimmers in the higher register, showing his glossed over inner turmoil.

Inspired by difficult times and an affinity for mental instability, his newest release “Balloons” is an outright debate over wrong life choices and the consequence of making them. The record’s dark aesthetic seems to be pulled from the walls of the Danish castle it was recorded in. Gearing up for the release of his new record, Danny has written his most provocative, scattered, and mentally hectic tracks to date.
Session Tracklisting

1. Fly in the Window
2. Sugar Water
3. The Bad Stuff
4. I'm an Artist
5. Speed Dreamer

Austin, TX

Band Members
Danny Malone – Guitar, Piano, and Vocalist

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