Terraplane Sun

SoCal blues rockers Terraplane Sun weave in and out of genre with precision, establishing a sound that is eclectic and vintage. This quintet of multi-instrumentalists’ well-blended style of indie folk rock is tied together by a funky organ, sultry lap steel, and raucous tambourine. Frontman Ben Rothbard’s wailing, soulful vocals unify the bright harmonies his band mates deliver.

Hand-clapping, an infectious chorus, and boisterous tom hits make “Get Me Golden” the stand out track off their new EP “Ya’ Never Know”. Catch Terraplane Sun in any Guy Fieri restaurant across the country forging a fresh path for their stomachs and California’s rock scene.

Session Tracklist
1. Generation Blues
2. Stuck in the Middle
3. Ya Never Know
4. Funnel of Love
5. Get Me Golden

Venice Beach, CA

Band Members
Ben Rothbard – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Johnny Zambetti – Mandolin, Guitar and Keys
Lyle Riddle – Drums
Gabe Feenberg – Keys, Lap Steel and Trombone
Cecil Campanaro – Bass

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