Syd Arthur

Syd Arthur is a spacey, psychedelic rock band who channel past decades in fashion and sound. Heavily influenced by, but not stuck in the past; they aim to push the genre forward through unique sonic experimentation. Raven Bush’s mandolin runs through a monstrous pedal-board, transforming it into an instrument entirely other from conventional use.

Syd Arthur aims to take the listener on a journey rather than repeat a formulaic set. Utilizing vast open spaces for improvisation, they let the songs speak and grow to fit the performance. This reverbous, effects-pedal happy noise has put them on the top of the Brit Rock game. Critical acclaim of new record “Sound Mirror” has booked them a tour with quintessential prog-rockers, Yes, and put the noisy quartet in the minds of audiences across the globe.

Session Tracklist
1. Garden of Time
2. Hometown Blues
3. Autograph
4. Sink Hole
5. All and Everything
6. Chariots

Band Members

Liam Magill – Guitar & Vocals
Joel Magill – Bass & Backup Vocals
Raven Bush – Keyboard, Violin, Mandolin, & Backup Vocals
Josh Magill – Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.