A. Sinclair

A. Sinclair is a rock band. Their brand of working-class music channels 60’s style guitar and millennium pop. As their prior incarnation, Frank Smith, Aaron Sinclair and the band released nine albums and toured across the country. They’ve shed this old skin in favor of a unique brand of blue collar rock and roll.

Their debut release, “Pretty Girls” is a grouping of jittery, garage-rock jams with a healthy dose of group choruses, fuzzy vocals and steady percussion. A. Sinclair is a mature project aiming for honesty and joy in the music itself. They’re not flashy or glamorous, finding more musical satisfaction in simple tone work and phrasing. The pace is always quick and varying; boosted by a sense of urgency and a clear message.

Session Tracklist
1. Shiny Things
2. Pretty Girls
3. Throwing Up on the Ground
4. Suit Up

Band Members

Aaron Sinclair – Guitar and Vocals
Ben Lance – Guitar
Brendan Bond – Bass and vocals
Jud Johnson – Drums and vocals
Michael Kingcaid – Vocals

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