Sam Roberts Band

Sam Roberts Band is a spacey indie rock sextet from Montreal who write groovy, jamming sing-alongs. In light of changing goals, Sam and the band turned their focus to hook writing and open-ended lyricism. Low on sleep and ready for a change, they incorporated elements of psychedelic, electronica and heavy rock into their new sound. Tight connections in the Canadian indie scene has bolstered their goals and brought support from bands all over the country.

With the help of Youth (aka Martin Glover), producer and confidant, Sam and the guys slaved over writing a bright yet seductive dance record. The end result, “Lo-Fantasy” takes place in a universe where the trials of existence are the same, but magical components exist.

Session Tracklist
1. Golden Hour
2. Shapeshifters
3. Last Crusade
4. Never Enough
5. We're All In This Together

Montreal, Quebec

Band Members
Samuel Roberts – Vocals and Guitar
David Nugent – Vocals and Guitar
Eric Fares – Keys
Chester Doxas – Sax
James Hall – Bass
Josh Trager – Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

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