PigPen Theatre Co.

PigPen Theatre Co. is a collective, a playwriting team, and a band from New York City. Their passion is storytelling and their vocally driven folk rock drives this point home. Old-timey instruments: piano, accordion and banjo blend with guitar, bass and keys to form their controlled but tumultuous sound. When forming sound to create visuals, the band is cognizant of their individual roles and the role of the group. They treat each instrument as a character who enters and exits at a pre-ordained time coinciding with the personality of each instrument and each player. Catch PigPen performing as they do best, with the flair and energy of playwrights.

Session Tracklist
1. Crow
2. Sailor/Song from the Stone
3. MayFly
4. Weathervane
5. Bremen

New York, NY

Band Members
Alex Falberg - Banjo and Vocals
Arya Shahi - Drums and Vocals
Ben Ferguson - Guitar and Vocals
Curtis Gillen - Bass and Vocals
Matt Nuernberger - Guitar, Keys, and Vocals
Ryan Melia - Banjo and Vocals
Dan Weschler - Accordion and Vocals

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch this session on Vimeo.