The Rural Alberta Advantage

The Rural Alberta Advantage are an earthy indie band bred in their namesake’s province. Simply constructed, acoustic-led songwriting is bolstered by Paul Banwatt’s intricate, and ultra-quick drum work. Banwatt uses syncopated, pulsing beats and creative combinations on a minimal kit to write almost melodic solos. Above this undercurrent of intense rhythmic, Nils Edenloff’s nasally twang yelps while Amy Cole blends in soothing harmonies.

Newest release, “Mended with Gold” is a personal, haunting record detailing the mundanities of life in the Great White North. A toy piano, bass synth, and vocal distortion add curious electronic texture to a folk rock frame. Distinctly split between Side A and B, “Mended with Gold” is a record worth sitting down to take in.

Session Tracklist
1. Our Love
2. Muscle Relaxants
3. Runners in the Night
4. On the Rocks
5. Vulcan
6. Terrified

Band Members
Nils Edenloff – Guitar, Keys, and Vocals
Amy Cole – Bass Pedals, Keys, Percussion, and Vocals
Paul Banwatt – Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

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