Restorations is a five-piece whose brand of post-punk is undeniably pure. Four furious, fluttering guitars pour out licks from between each distortion-filled layer. Jon’s earnest, rambling vocals deliver lines of remorse and rebirth that force the listener to wrestle with their own choices. The band shines brightest when heavily pounding, but they remain strong in the dynamic soft.

An (almost) unanimous love of coffee and appreciation for small victories helps the quintet chug along show after show. The band’s endlessly supportive fan base and welcoming presence is what makes them stand out in a scene plagued with identity crises. Their unrefined edge and gut-wrenching live set has gained them a long-time following that bands work for years to earn.

Session Tracklist
1. D
2. New Old
3. Civil Inattention
4. Let's Blow Up the Sun
5. Quit
6. Documents

Philadelphia, PA

Band Members

Carlin Brown – Drums and Percussion
Dave Klyman – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jon Loudon – Guitar and Vocals
Ben Pierce – Keys, Guitar, and Backing Vocals
Dan Zimmerman – Bass and Backing Vocals

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