Cloakroom is a trio of Indiana factory workers whose colossal waves of sound pierce through to the marrow. Fearsome, trembling guitar noise saunters over a foundation of pedal fuzz and roaring distortion. Bass saturated, massive tones are elevated by forceful beats that allow each track to fluctuate gracefully and intensely.

Doyle’s poignant, romantic vocals explore themes of cosmic existence and nature’s utter beauty. The guys’ love for spending time along the Calumet River is currently stunted by frustration with government control of these natural elements. The gargantuan track Outta’ Spite shows that their ‘Run for Cover Records’ debut is slated to be the band’s most delicate and provocative release yet.

Session Tracklist
1. Paper Weight
2. "Outta' Spite"
3. Bending
4. Sedimentary

Michigan City, Indiana

Band Members
Bobby Markos – Bass
Doyle Martin – Guitar and Vocals
Brian Busch – Drums and Supporting Vocals

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