Open Air Stereo

Open Air Stereo produces modern rock that is highly accessible. They blend vocal effects, slick guitar riffs, and dance-worthy bass lines to help the band create a sound that is catchy and full. Drummer Nick Gross’s aggressive style propels each song, and singer Chase Johnson’s smooth pop vocal lines create sonic landscapes evocative of LA beaches.

The band passionately spoke of their most recent album “Primates,” sharing that its name evolved from Nick’s monkey-like yelps. Their electro-inspired song “Betatraxx,” a reference to a DJ friend with the same name, was created for them to improvise over with a live drum jam. Combining this sound with their light and free rock showcases Open Air Stereo’s versatile radio-friendly sound.

Session Tracklist
1. Love is Blind
2. Damned
3. Stuck on You
4. Betatraxx
5. Where Do We Go?

Laguna Beach, CA

Band Members
Chase Johnson – Vocals and Aux Percussion
Scott Pounds – Guitar
Evan Smith – Bass
Nick Gross – Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.