Rayland Baxter

Rayland Baxter is a groovy songwriter who writes dusty, tunes with his three piece band. Baxter’s voice is calm and re-assuring; he tells the biographical tunes with a consoling voice. Baxter wears his influences as an accessory not a crutch, defining a blue collar croon all to his own. The three-piece grooves, often breaking into extended rambling jams between chorus and verse. Rayland Baxter is poised to be an iconic wordsmith with the release of his second album this summer. Check out the performance of select tracks and some new tracks and old favorites.

Session Tracklist
1. Mr. Rodriguez
2. Bad Things
3. Mother Mother
4. Olivia
5. Young Man

Nashville, Tennessee

Band Members
Rayland Baxter – Guitar and Vocals
Chip Kilpatrick – Drums
Matt Rowland – Keys

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.