No BS! Brass Band (Session #2)

No BS! Brass Band is an energetic ensemble who approach traditional instrumentation with a punk rock attitude. They’re Virginia raised brass players who tour their thunderous funk across the nation. No BS! is a hard-working 11-piece whose rock star style precedes the concert band repertoire. Every member is confident and skilled in performing as a jazz ensemble; they work together to produce a titanic wall of groove. In a constant state of recording and releasing music, No BS! has recorded five albums and selected cover singles since 2007.

Their official bio reads, “[No BS!] is a true definition of the ‘Richmond sound’. This instrumental funk music has strong influences of jazz and rock, like Led Zeppelin played by a brass band. Being a 11-piece brass band, they have the look of New Orleans with a raw sound all their own. The music is extremely dance-able and high-energy. Since their incarnation, No BS! Brass has earned a reputation as one of Richmond’s most loved bands.”

Watch them perform a second set of exclusive live tracks here.

Session Tracklist
1. Brass Scene Kids
2. Brass Knuckles
3. Infamous
4. Ballad of the Eagle Claw

Richmond, Virginia

Band Members
David Hood – Saxophone
Marcus Tenney – Trumpet
Sam Koff – Trumpet
Rob Quallich – Trumpet
Taylor Barnett – Trumpet
Reggie Pace – Trombone
Bryan Hooten – Trombone
John Hulley – Trombone
Reggie Chapman – Bass Trombone
Stefen Demetriadis – Contra
Lance Koehler – Drums

Visit the band’s website

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

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