For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

Session Tracklist
1. Guilt Trip
2. Dark Days
3. Mabu
4. DVP
5. Yukon
6. Reservoir

PUP are forerunners in the heavy punk scene emerging from Chicago’s sister city. The quartet creates more controlled chaos than scene counterparts; infusing shoegaze and colorful textures within. PUP’s noise is infectious; an ever-present melody lives within the vast cacophany. Their self-titled debut is an educated party rock soundtrack. Witty, playful lyricism about the culture of youth, the bitter landscape and failed romances are filtered through a gritty, conscious lense. There’s a respect for growing up versus an addiction to youth; a choice to look back with admiration instead of longing.

PUP is a young band with a powerful presence. They own the stage and rip track after track with aggression. Their scorching record, PUP, was nominated for multiple awards: best breakout rock act in Rolling Stone and two Juno awards for recording package and music video. Be sure to catch them live before you can’t afford the price of a ticket.

Band Members
Stefan Babcock – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Nestor Chumak – Vocals and Bass
Steve Sladkowski – Vocals and Guitar
Zack Mykula – Vocals and Drums