Guster is a band who’ve written catchy, sensational indie pop for over two decades. Normally given to acoustic-driven song structures, the band’s seventh album is filled with synth pads, delay soaked vocals, and spacier rock tones. They’ve maintained the pop core that defines previous material, but progressed into modern digital territory with the tracks of “Evermotion”.

As a band they’re fully ambidextrous, each player lives in a constant state of instrumental rotation. The quartet is incredibly well-rehearsed; knowing most of their massive discography by heart, and fully capable of writing alternate versions on the fly. As they switch roles, guitar lines could be performed on piano or synth patterns on guitar. Brian “Thundergod” Rosenworcel’s kit is a conglomerate of multiple forms of percussive instrumentation.

As they increase in age, Guster are forced to dig deeper to channel the youthfulness that sparked their early incarnations. They accomplish this through a humorous blog, playful performances, witty on-stage banter, and a youthful approach to serious subject matter. Listen to the iconic indie-pop group perform alternative versions of tracks from their newest release, Evermotion.

Session Tracklist
1. Hang On
2. Endlessly
3. Stay With Me Jesus
4. Never Coming Down
5. Farewell

Boston, Massachusetts

Band Members
Adam Gardner – Bass, Guitar, Glockenspiel and Vocals
Ryan Miller – Vocals, Piano, and Guitar
Brian Rosenworcel – Percussion
Luke Reynolds – Bass, Guitar, and Vocals

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