Elenowen is a singer-songwriter duo from Nashville whose intimate, relational music stems from the connected minds of the band themselves. This “chemistry” is a togetherness that exists in a realm other from the members themselves but unites them in sound creation. Having been together for over a decade translates this honesty and openness to their music through “Elenowen EP” and “Pulling Back the Veil”. They’re steeped in roots music with affinity for Americana, twangy rock, and a little Country.

Elenowen first displayed their talents to the public through a stint on the Voice, and have been touring and writing since. Josh and Nicole are currently putting work into writing a new album before the arrival of their child.

Session Tracklist
1. Dead + Gone
2. Desert Days
3. Turnstile
4. Place From Where I Fell
5. Losing the Lonely

Nashville, Tennessee

Band Members
Josh Johnson – Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Nicole Johnson – Vocals and Keys
Parke Avery – Electric Guitar, Keys and Drums

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