Paul Dempsey

Paul Dempsey (born 1976 in Melbourne) is the lead singer, guitarist and principal songwriter of Australian rock group Something for Kate. Paul was a founding member of the band, and in August 2009 released his first solo album, Everything Is True whilst continuing his work with Something for Kate. A multi-instrumentalist, Paul has also produced and co-written records for other artists.

Paul Dempsey formed Something for Kate just after leaving high school in 1994 with school friend, drummer Clint Hyndman. They then found bass player, Julian Carroll from an advertisement in a record store. The three played only a couple of shows and released a demo tape before they were approached by Chris Dunn, then A&R representative for Sony subsidiary label Murmur Records, who signed them instantly. All members were 17 years old.

Dempsey wrote all songs and lyrics, and after releasing 2 EPs, the band went to New Zealand to record their first album, Elsewhere for Eight Minutes. In 1998, he then released a solo album under the name Scared of Horses, for which he wrote and played all the music whilst inviting guest vocalists to record the vocals. After this came album number 2, Beautiful Sharks for which Paul and the band won a Music Critics’ Award for Best Australian Album and Best Australian Live Band and 2 ARIA nominations. This album gained much critical acclaim in particular for Paul’s insightful lyrics and unique and understated observations on science, physics, astronomy and a general questioning nature.

Session Tracklist
1. Theme From Nice Guy
2. Out The Airlock
3. Have You Ever Fallen Out Of Love?
4. Survival Expert
5. We'll Never Work In This Town Again
6. Bats
7. Take Us To Your Leader
8. Bird In A Basement
9. Ramona Was A Waitress

Melbourne, Australia

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