Moon Taxi

For the members of Moon Taxi, their third album, Mountains Beaches Cities, represents the idea of exploration – searching both the world and themselves for new experiences. The Nashville rock group, who had honed in on a notably compelling aesthetic with their previous album, Cabaret, focused on extending the sonic landscape they’d created in earlier recordings, but this time around they amp up the speed and turn up the volume – creating an overall bigger sound.

The album was self-produced by Moon Taxi’s own guitarist Spencer Thomson with the help of keyboardist Wes Bailey and was mixed by Vance Powell and mastered by Greg Calbi. Although Mountains Beaches Cities feels like an extension of Cabaret’s aesthetic, the new album is explorative, and its lyrics recount a new narrative for the musicians.

Session Tracklist
1. Running Wild
2. Morocco
3. The New Black
4. Young Journey
5. River Water
6. Suspicious

Nashville, TN

Band Members
Trevor Turndrup – Vocals and Guitar
Spencer Thomson – Guitar, Vocals and Synth
Wes Bailey – Keyboards and Vocals
Tommy Putnam – Bass and Vocals
Tyler Ritter – Drums

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