British math-rockers, TTNG, create a wall of sound that transcends their numbers. Tim Collis’ frantic tapping, finger picking, and Spanish stylings form the framework for their erratic blend of delicious notation. His tablature and chord progressions are so desirable that they’ve been made available for sale. Constant, extreme chord changes in odd tunings flow over dance-able beats. Ethereal vocals swoon over bold, echoing bass lines. The drum kit delivers rim shots, cymbal pings and driving floor toms galore while transforming their ever-evolving rhythm. They write like seasoned novelists, they perform with aplomb, they are TTNG.

Session Tracklist
1. Cat Fantastic
2. Left Aligned
3. Adventure, Stamina & Anger
4. Havoc in the Forum
5. If I Sit Still, Maybe I'll Get Out of Here

Brompton, United Kingdom

Band Members
Henry Tremain – Vocals and Bass
Tim Collis – Guitar
Chris Collis – Drums

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