Chicago’s Molehill combines hard rock guitar riffs, blues, and the slightest hint of electro rock and R&B to create a sound that has been winning people over across the country. Molehill’s co-founder and frontman Peter Manhart moved the group to Chicago from Champaign in 2006, and they released their debut record Rock & Mole in late 2007. Since 2008 Peter has been joined by Trevor Jones (bass), Devin Staples (drums) and Greg Van Zuiden (keyboards and vocals).

Since 2009 Molehill has toured throughout the Midwest and East Coast and along the way has opened for major and indie label acts such as Bret Michaels, Blind Melon, Royal Bliss, The Elms, and Jesse Malin. In 2010 and 2011 Molehill showcased at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA and was featured twice in the Red Eye (Chicago Tribune Pop Publication) along with features in numerous local print and online publications. 2011 continues to be a banner year for Molehill with tours throughout the midwest and east coast and an invitation to perform at CBS Studio Chicago where they received high praise from a celebrity panel including owner of the Metro (Chicago) Joe Shanahan, US99 Morning Show Host Lisa Dent and Chicago R&B Stalwart Frayne Lewis. Molehill’s new album is slated to be recorded in the Fall of 2011 with producer Manny Sanchez.

Session Tracklist
1. Strung Out
2. I Hope You're Happy
3. Money Life
4. Jumper
5. Untitled
6. I'm Okay

Chicago, IL

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