Mogli's cinematic, expansive indie tunes were first exposed to the world through the documentary "Expedition Happiness": an inspiration-seeking cross country journey presented through intimate footage of Mogli, her dog, and the natural world. The German songwriter has continued to develop her rich, serene sound through self-examination on 2019's "Patience". On the new release, Mogli shifts the focus inward; digging through her past experiences and current revelations for musical inspiration. Check out the killer full band performance by Mogli live on Audiotree.

1. Wanderer
2. Cryptic
3. Two Lungs
4. Another Life
5. Road Holes

Band Members
Mogli - Vocals and Vocal Effects
Magnus Bang Olsen - Piano, Bass Synth and E Guitar
Martha Rowsell - Keys, Bass Synth, Violin and Vocals
Jonathan Reiter - Drums and Percussion

Berlin, Germany

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