Mitski Miyawaki is a disruptive force in indie rock. She’s a 2013 SUNY Purchase grad whose background boasts classical piano, a firm grasp on the art of composition, and an intimate knowledge of music theory. Her most recent album strays from the jazzy, orchestral sounds of 2012’s LUSH and 2013’s Retired from Sad, New Career. After forming friendships with Double Double Whammy founders LVL UP, Mitski quickly learned guitar and cranked the distortion up for her 3rd release, “Bury Me at Makeout Creek.”

The record’s tone hints at her past experience in terms of song construction and variation, but barely resembles her former work sonically. It’s a riveting journey through Mitski’s inner dialogue battling expectations, image, and popularity put to the sound of gain-heavy guitars. Her guarded yet supremely forthright lyrical style is arresting; as many tracks end with question marks as those with firm declarations. Mitski takes an inventive approach to lo-fi; rather than fuzz out or tone down mistakes, she dons the slimmer production to enhance its emotion. “Bury Me at Makeout Creek” is a highly impressive release from a songwriter who has just begun turning heads.

Session Tracklist
1. I Don't Smoke
2. Class of 2013
3. Last Words of a Shooting Star
4. Liquid Smooth
5. Pearl Diver

Band Members
Mitski – Guitar, Piano and Vocals
Additional Performers
Casey Weissbuch – Drums on “I Don’t Smoke”

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