Jared & The Mill

All six members of Jared & The Mill were born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and it remains their hometown to this day. The band has a deep love for the desert region, finding solace in wide open views and new life in gulps of fresh petrichor. Though often thrown under the Americana umbrella, the band’s blend of folk, blues, and country yields what they have dubbed, “Western indie.” It’s a lively, story-focused sound fit for interstate drives and led by harmonious singalongs.

Jared & The Mill released their debut, “Western Expansion,” in 2013 and toured tirelessly to promote it. After a half a year of shows ranging from arena to pizza parlor, the band saw massive growth as performers and songwriters. They moved further from hometown references and used their multi-instrumental set up to channel both the attitude and feeling of Arizona’s physical and cultural diversity. Their next release, “The Life We Chose,” touches on shared experiences of tour mundanity and life huddled together in a van. It’s honest but optimistic, showing the close nature of their interband dynamic and love of performance. They’re close friends and musical companions who revel in their love for one another and positive energy from fans. No matter what difficulties they encounter on the road, Jared & The Mill let the stage lift their tired spirits.

The band is currently working on new material to be released this year. Check them out performing some of the new tracks here on Audiotree Live.

Session Tracklist
1. Home
2. Hold On
3. Messengers
4. Keep Me Going
5. Young & Dumb

Phoenix, Arizona

Band Members
Jared Kolesar – Acoustic/Lead Vocals
Michael Carter – Banjo/Mandolin
Chuck Morriss – Bass
Gabe Hall-Rodrigues – Accordion/Keys
Larry Gast III – Electric Guitar
Josh Morin – Drums

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