Ivadell formed as an outlet to experiment with the softer side of its band members’ varying influences. It’s a drastic contrast from the death metal/hardcore projects they had previously written for, but still maintains an edge that’s both musically thoughtful and sonically heavy. Lead singer Josh Gilley’s heartfelt vocal delivery rises above the crunchy, ringing cacophony. He laments missed opportunities and yearns for another chance with help from the band’s sweet harmonies. They’re a young band with a unified goal and a promising, inventive sound.

Ivadell signed to Broken Circles Records in 2014 and released their first EP, “Flow,” that same year. “Flow” is a three-track sampler that debuts the band’s “capital R” rock. Ivadell went on to release “Maybe Tomorrow,” their first full-length, in 2015. The album’s heavily charred riffs and prominent low end are clearly influenced by mainstream alternative rock from the early millennium. Their grimy, belting guitar and bass tones mirror this era as well, but spritely fingerstyle licks and waves of ringing noise are picked from the last five years’ resurgence of emo and shoegaze.

Watch the band perform new tracks here on Audiotree Live.

Session Tracklist
1. Temporary Sound
2. Simplify
4. Unknown Divide
5. Loch Ness
6. Maybe Tomorrow
7. Flickering

Columbia, South Carolina

Band Members
Jon Warf – Guitar and Vocals
Josh Gilley – Bass and Lead Vocals
Roger Caughman – Guitar
Brandon Clayton – Drums

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