This Century

This Century’s Joel Kanitz and Sean Silverman stopped by the studio to play some stripped-down, acoustic renditions of their crisp, energetic tunes. Songs written about letdowns and breakups with a charming presence is the promising lure of the duo. As their name implies, the band is intently focused on sounds of now; citing a broad range of influences, they search tirelessly for the perfect hook.

“Biography of Heartbreak”, the band’s second full-length, centers on transforming pop from a slang term into a desired trait. Melodies and contagious guitar riffs abound while the band reaches to define what it means to be a twenty-something in the good old Southwest.

Session Tracklist
1. My Weakness
2. Hold on We're Going Home (Drake Cover)
3. Sound of Fire
4. Indigo Girl
5. Tip Toe

Phoenix, AZ

Band Members

Joel Kanitz – Vocals
Sean Silverman – Guitar

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.